What is this feeling I have that I can’t explain. Something I feel so certain about, but can I trust it? I believe in it and the possibility of it becoming reality, although all I hear are nay sayers that telling me it’s just a dream. But I don’t live in their reality. I don’t live their lives. I live in my own world, knowing what I want in it, and the outcome of my life. I see it so clearly that I don’t think others can understand where I’m coming from.

I’m constantly brought down by certain people around me. They rely on my abilities to be reliable, but they don’t understand that I can’t be relied on forever. That I must find my way in my world and focus on my path and my goals.

One day all the I see will come to surface and then I will find new endeavors to discover, new dreams to ponder, and continue my life how I see it. Keep moving forward.

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