Attracting good people

its amazing when you change the way you see life and what you want to get out of it that people who want the same things for themselves are being attracted to you. I was out on a random night just enjoying myself and the people around me when I noticed a guy from the corner of my eye. I told myself I needed to muster up the courage to go speak to him.

it took some time and a few drinks to get over my nerves but I did it. Now that is been two weeks of knowing him he’s amazing. We have the same type of mindset and agree on a lot of things.

I feel that when you change the way you look at life and understand what you want from it. The universe will bring you just what you want through your experiences, what you do, and the people you meet.

just figure out the simple parts of what you want out of life and everything will work in your favor, with time. #grateful

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