A thinking mind.

As I sit on a plane waiting to take off after a long trip in London. I think of all the good and bad times I’ve had with you. I see all the mistake I made and all the horrible things you did, but you haven’t left my thoughts yet after three months. It’s still fresh although it may be because you’re the last person I have been with. I can’t tell if these memories are that different from the ones before you. I feel that they were easier to get over but you were so different that I haven’t forgotten you. You weren’t even that great, or good looking, or even tall dark and handsome. You just seemed so unique. Something that I wasn’t looking for and didn’t know I wanted to try. But now you are gone and I try to forget you. I hate you so much. You gave me so much hope and then took it all away. How dare you do that, but how dare I fall into that trap. I should know better. Soon someone will come into my life that’s better than you ever were and I will forget you and who you were. I will move on and then you will realize what you missed out on. A powerful human being in the making.

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