You know, people tell you how you should live your life all the time. They interject their opinions on how this should be and what you should do whether you ask or not. But how much of that should we actually take into consideration. I think we only take what we need.

We can’t live our best lives listening to what other people say about it.

I believe in myself even when I feel uncertain, I always know the direction to take at some point. My instinct always has the answers, but when I hear people tell me how a life should be lived and what you should or shouldn’t do, I take that lighty. Especially when I feel myself telling me not to take what they say to heart.

Everyone has their own life to focus on and figure out. Whether we make mistakes or take the wrong direction life will always bring us back to what we need. I know my life path. It’s not an easy one and I’m at a road bump right now that I’m trying to climb over, but I see the other side. I see where I want my life to be, I actually feel it deep down in my soul. I know things will come to pass because I believe. I know I will execute on it one day and everything will just fall into place and I will be reassured that I was right.

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