Let Life Take You.

It’s crazy how much your life can change with the power of thought. As I sit back in my room staring at every wall and details like the last painting I drew of a women who people have claimed to look like me. Sprinkled with water color stains and black and white outlines, I realize that it’s a life that I once lived and moved on from.

As my head turns to my bed, I notice the button details on this headboard I purchase while working at a furniture store, one of the many experiences that has taught me many lessons that I will get to at another time. I think of my childhood, I can’t say I grow up with nothing, but a headboard was definitely not an item in my banana colored room. Who in their right mind would paint a room yellow? I know, I’ve asked myself the same.  In this room, the wall was my headboard and I lean against it as though it was my only friend. This would cause a gap in between. The whole time I used the wall as support I’d hope that nothing fell through that little gap to the ferocious monster that laid beneath me. If so, I’d be doomed forever to his mercy and would never see the top of my bed again.

As I reminisce on all my wants and desires when I was younger, I realize that it may have very well became a reality. Maybe you don’t just have to be in Disney World for your dreams to come true, you just need to follow your gut and make them happen.

Life has taken me high and it has taken me low, but in this roller coaster of a life, there’s always a rest point where I am able to reassess, recollect, and ride on. When we take a moment and stop our powerful minds, that sometimes seem so hard to control, we can discover the mile stones, that maybe tiny, but are contributing factors to where, when, and how you want to reach whatever journey you’re trying to hitch hike on. Let go and let life take you.

Controlling Thoughts

Our minds are so powerful to a point where it wonders on it’s own. It tells you stories that you didn’t think were possible. It tells you if you’re happy and when you’re sad. It’s a machine that we need to control and if we don’t it can control us.

The times I can’t control my thoughts the most usually involve other people. How will I solve this problem? Meditation, weeding the bad people out, and just trying to remain positive in every situation.


Why am I so bothered by you right now. The fact that you’re out and having fun without me? Maybe. Or because I haven’t heard from you in two days? Possibly.

What I want you can’t give me and I already knew that, but why do I feel it effecting me? I feel annoyed for no reason, although I looking for a reason. I went into this with no emotion, coming out with all the emotion.

I will get over this. I will understand that I’m using you just as much as you are using me. You aren’t the one that will stay in my life, but only someone who came and went to fulfil, to teach, to learn from.