You know, people tell you how you should live your life all the time. They interject their opinions on how this should be and what you should do whether you ask or not. But how much of that should we actually take into consideration. I think we only take what we need.

We can’t live our best lives listening to what other people say about it.

I believe in myself even when I feel uncertain, I always know the direction to take at some point. My instinct always has the answers, but when I hear people tell me how a life should be lived and what you should or shouldn’t do, I take that lighty. Especially when I feel myself telling me not to take what they say to heart.

Everyone has their own life to focus on and figure out. Whether we make mistakes or take the wrong direction life will always bring us back to what we need. I know my life path. It’s not an easy one and I’m at a road bump right now that I’m trying to climb over, but I see the other side. I see where I want my life to be, I actually feel it deep down in my soul. I know things will come to pass because I believe. I know I will execute on it one day and everything will just fall into place and I will be reassured that I was right.


What is this feeling I have that I can’t explain. Something I feel so certain about, but can I trust it? I believe in it and the possibility of it becoming reality, although all I hear are nay sayers that telling me it’s just a dream. But I don’t live in their reality. I don’t live their lives. I live in my own world, knowing what I want in it, and the outcome of my life. I see it so clearly that I don’t think others can understand where I’m coming from.

I’m constantly brought down by certain people around me. They rely on my abilities to be reliable, but they don’t understand that I can’t be relied on forever. That I must find my way in my world and focus on my path and my goals.

One day all the I see will come to surface and then I will find new endeavors to discover, new dreams to ponder, and continue my life how I see it. Keep moving forward.

The Resistance

When someone great walks into your life it’s hard to not let your mind race. All the possibilities of what ifs get calculated out. Then it consumes you. You wander why they haven’t texted you yet and why they did something a certain way. You over analyze every situation y’all come across.

The hardest part is to resist. Resist the temptation or the wanting to move forward quicker, faster. This has never worked for me and I’m sure it doesn’t work for many others. When I become impatient, I then get left in the dark.

This time I will not let it consume me. I will flow with the beat of the drum. Low expectations and commitments. I’m ready to take a different approach. An approach that I think will take me farther then before. Patience my friends patience.

Attracting good people

its amazing when you change the way you see life and what you want to get out of it that people who want the same things for themselves are being attracted to you. I was out on a random night just enjoying myself and the people around me when I noticed a guy from the corner of my eye. I told myself I needed to muster up the courage to go speak to him.

it took some time and a few drinks to get over my nerves but I did it. Now that is been two weeks of knowing him he’s amazing. We have the same type of mindset and agree on a lot of things.

I feel that when you change the way you look at life and understand what you want from it. The universe will bring you just what you want through your experiences, what you do, and the people you meet.

just figure out the simple parts of what you want out of life and everything will work in your favor, with time. #grateful

Staying positive.

It’s one thing to force yourself to be happy all the time, it’s another to take each moment or emotion and see the good in it. Staying positive is a practice. If you aren’t already positive, you sure as hell won’t all the sudden become a positive person. It takes time and patience. You have to really want life as so.

The moment when everything becomes so much easier and you can take every moment as the glass half full, then you can appreciate your accomplishment and be grateful you took the time to learn a new skill.

Your positivity won’t just stick with you forever. You definitely have to nurture it, keep teaching yourself and learning new ways of being positive. It’s a lifetime choice, if that is the life you want to live, but I must tell you life is so much sweeter when you’re positive. 🙂


I stand head on whennit comes to fear. I see fear as a challenge or obstacle that I need to get over. When I turn away because of fear, I have failed myself. It’s the times that I disappoint myself the most.

I choose to learn from these times that fear has beat me. I grow into a better human being. I’m constant figuring out how do I leave fear behind and take on the world. I want to be better and better each time. I want to be able to do things that others don’t. I want to be superhuman in my abilities to connect with people and go through experiences that most don’t.

My goal, to eliminate my fears.